Eadies Mechanical

Clutch & Brakes

EADIE’S Mechanical can inspect and repair your vehicles braking system.

When you apply your vehicles brake pedal, all of the braking system components work together to stop your car. Ensuring that they are all in good working order is extremely important to vehicle safety.

Signs of bad brakes

So, if you’re experience any of the following, it would be a advisable to have a qualified mechanic inspect your vehicle;

  • You put your foot to the floor and nothing happens!
  • Your car pulls to one side when stopping
  • A burning smell when you stop your car
  • Squealing or grinding noises
  • You need a longer amount of time to stop than usual
  • Pulses in the brake pedal
  • Shaky steering wheel when brakes are applied


EADIE’S Mechanical has a good knowledge of all different clutch types and brands to suit your vehicle’s performance or towing requirements. 

Common faults found with clutch systems;

  • Clutch shudder on take off
  • Gearshift is hard to select
  • Clutch slipping under load


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