Power Steering Flush

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Whether you're weaving through dense city traffic, or negotiating rough terrain in a 4x4, your Power Steering Fluid is under constant high pressure and a heavy workload. Understandably, it gets tired and distressed.  Over time, contamination of the fluid also seriously compromises the performance of the Power Steering System.  Ironically, Power Steering Fluid is one of the most neglected areas of vehicle maintenance.

Wynn's Power Steering

Using the Wynn's Power Steering Flush machine, the power steering system will be thoroughly cleaned and flushed. Also with the addition of Wynn's Professional Formula Power Steering Treatment to the new fluid, your steering performance will be fully restored.
For a full comprehensive power steering service, contact Eadies Mechanical on (07) 5464 3413 or via email at eadies1@bigpond.com 

Removing contamination from the system and replacing the old fluid with fresh, clean fluid will:

powersteering flush

Fluid BEFORE Powersteering Service

power steering flush Fluid AFTER Powersteering Service