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Your car's suspension system is an intricate network of cooperating components designed to give you a smooth, even and stable ride. Since the suspension is ground zero when it comes to road abuse, the parts wear out, and even break. 

If your car doesn't seem to ride like it used to, you may have a problem down below.

Suspension is the term given to the system of springsshock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels

Suspension systems serve a dual purpose: 

1. Contributing to the car's road handling and braking for good active safety and driving pleasure, and 

2. Keeping vehicle occupants comfortable and reasonably well isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

The tuning of suspensions involves finding the right compromise. It is important for the suspension to keep the wheels in contact with the road surface as much as possible, because all the forces acting on the vehicle do so through the contact patches of the tyres. The suspension also protects the vehicle itself and any cargo or luggage from damage and wear.

So if you are experiencing any changes in your drive/ride, EADIE’S Mechanical can inspect and repair and/or replace your steering components.  For 4WD’s we can upgrade your suspension for standard to heavy duty for your off road needs or heavy towing.

The professional team at Eadies Mechanical can inspect, adjust and fix your suspension. 
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