Vehicle Log Book Servicing

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A Manufacturers Log book service will generally include the following;

Check all of the vehicle fluids (quality & quantity), filters and vehicles light operation.

We will check your vehicle brakes and handbrakes, and adjust if necessary.  Only items on scheduled on a log book service will be replaced or topped up. All other items requiring attention will be listed for you on your invoice. Unless, of course the item/s requiring attention are seen as a safety issue, we will contact you on these issues before work is commenced.

Please let us know if you have any other concerns regarding your vehicle on drop off and we will inspect and report on these for you. 

If possible EADIE’S Mechanical will contact you by phone, and inform you of any other issues which arise.  If you go ahead with additional work we will envisage to have the vehicle ready for you that day. (Unless required work is major, then you will be given a work time frame).

EADIE’S Mechanical also offer as part of vehicle maintenance and servicing EFI diagnostics, and computer faults using state of the art G Scan Equipment.