All Type Axle Corrections

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All Type Axle Corrections is an integral part of the Eadies Mechanical Team, offering a Complete service for Truck and 4WD axle straightening, Re-camber and set castor in the axle, if you Truck Wheel Alignment requires more than a Minor Adjustment. Working together they can take care of the whole job from Wheel Alignemt to removing your Truck Axle and performing the COrrection, before refitting to your truck and fine tuning.

All Type Axle Corrections can also perform Diff Housing Repairs & Straightening on All Vehicles large and small, Trucks, Vans, Motorhomes, 4WD's and more. They can perform Corrections with the Axle out of the vehicle, we have Axles shipped to us from all over the country. An Out Of Vehicle Axle Correction can sometimes be the only solution to correcting your Truck Wheel Alignment and subsequent tyre wear.

The 150 Tonne Axle Press can accommodate Steering Axles, Drive Axles, Trailer Axles, 4WD Diff Housings etc.

All Type Axle Corrections will perform work for all types of customers including Insurance, Trade and General Public.

All their work is Crack Tested and done to the highest standards.

For a comprehensive Axle Correction Service, contact the team at All Type Axle Corrections on (07) 5464 3413 or email at