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Eadie's Mechanical are a Fully Licenced Refrigerant handler and can provide all of your Automotive Air Conditioning needs. From Leak testing your Car or Trucks system to  replacing components so your Air Conditioning system runs efficiently and effectively

Regas, Evacuate and Leak testing your system costs approx $120.00 - $ 140.00

Is your Air Conditioning making your sick?  Disinfect your system today starting from $75.00

Air-conditioning systems are designed to provide a pleasant environment for driving, allowing for better concentration in traffic.  However, air-conditioned vehicles often cause runny noses, inflammation to eyes, sore throats and irritation of bronchial tubes. Moreover, air-conditioning systems often give off an unpleasant smell.

This is caused by the growth of mould and bacteria on the surface of the evaporator.

The moist and dark environment inside of the air conditioning system, where the temperature fluctuates, provides the ideal conditions for the growth of micro-organisms. Dust and pollen carried along by the air are the ideal medium for a huge growth of bacteria in this environment. When the air-conditioning is switched on, these micro-organisms are blown into the passenger compartment and are inhaled by the passengers.

The Wynn’s Air Conditioning service cleans the evaporator, refreshes the air ducts and the passenger compartment. The service cleans the evaporator surface and maintains the air purity in the car for long periods. It is recommended to repeat the treatment annually for optimum results.

The Advantages of Air Conditioning Cleaning are clear:

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EADIE’S Mechanical is a licensed Refrigerant Handler: Licence # AU01320
Check to make sure your air conditioning repairer is licensed to handle and repair air conditioners.