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Today's fuels leave gum, tar and varnish deposits on the inside of your engine - clogging injectors, intake valves and throttle bodies, as well as interfering with the operation of important engine management systems.

Longer term problems can arise such as poor starting rough idling, hesitation, misfire or pinging.

Regular servicing of your fuel system ensures the correct operation of one of the most important functions of your engine. A clean, efficient combustion process eliminates wasted fuel, reduces pollutant exhaust emissions and restores lost power and performance.

For a comprehensive injector clean and fuel system service talk to the team at Eadies Mechanical. Contact us on (07) 5464 3413 or email us at 

If it's been 15,000kms or twelve months since your last fuel system clean, we recommend you ask us to include it in your routine maintenance schedule today. Wynn's Fuel System Service completely restores the cleanliness and efficiency of combustion,
improving economy and saving you money

Injector Clean & Fuel System Service will:

injector clean, fuel system service
BEFORE Injection Clean

injector clean for buses, injector clean for trucks AFTER Injection Clean

fuel system service, injector cleaning
Valves BEFORE Injection Clean

fuel system service for buses, fuel system service for trucks Valves AFTER Injection Clean

air intake valve, injection clean
Air Intake Valve BEFORE
Injection Clean

injection clean, injector clean, inction cleaning Air Intake Valve AFTER    
Injection Clean