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Nine out of ten transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination, according to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Assoc. Just like the oil in your car’s engine, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) suffers from heat, friction and contamination degradation.  Once this process starts, your transmission’s vital components begin to clog with sludge and varnish deposits.  Unlike the oils in your car’s engine, most of the ATF does not drain into a pan.  Instead it stays in the torque converter, valves and cooler lines making a complete fluid drain impossible.  In fact, the typical transmission service only replaces 25% of the contaminated, used fluid with fresh ATF.

Wynn’s has developed a process that safely removes varnish and sludge deposits and cleans all internal transmission components, including the cooler and torque converter.

This service is also the best way to remove wear metals that are slowly grinding away on your transmissions internal components. Your car’s transmission is thoroughly cleaned and protected with fresh ATF and conditioners that revitalize the seals and O rings in the transmission.

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Transmission Flush Service will: